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Unit 1

Don’t sit for too long or you’ll crease(折痕) your new dress. 別坐得太久,否則會弄皺你的衣服。

There’s a hint(少許) of summer in the air, although it’s only April. 雖然才四月,空氣中已經有一絲夏天的味道。

He assured(保證) me that the well-known doctor would cure my headache. 他向我保證,那個著名的醫生會治好我的頭痛。

I handed in my application for the job last week; I am eagerly awaiting(等待) their reply.


I wish you’d stop hovering(盤旋) round and let me get on with some work. 我希望你能停止在周圍轉動,好讓我做一些工作。

Hilary was out, so I scrawled(潦草) a note to her and put it under the door. 希拉里不在家,所以我草草寫了一張給她的字條,放在門下。

The little girl kept on dancing, her face and black hair glistening(閃亮的) with sweat. 這個小女孩不停地跳舞,她的臉和黑色的頭發因為汗水閃閃發亮。

A frail (瘦弱的) old woman with a walking stick came slowly down to the gate to meet us.

一個瘦弱的老婦人,拄著拐杖,慢慢地走下大門來接我們。 Judy is the sole(唯一) survivor of the car accident the driver and all the other passengers died.


In the room where the young man was killed, detectives found no visible(明顯的) signs of a struggle.


While one of the robbers engaged(吸

引) the guard in conversation, the others crept into the factory. 當其中一個盜賊拖住了保安聊天,其他幾個盜賊偷偷潛進了工廠。 One member of the jury was biased(有偏

見) in favour of the suspect, because they shared the same educational background 陪審團中的一個成員偏袒那個嫌疑人,因為他們有著相同的教育背景。 This was the moment he had been dreading(擔心) for weeks-his mother found out theat he had told a lie.

這是幾周來他一直擔心的時刻——他的母親發現他之前撒謊了。 When she heard they were going to get married, the old woman couldn’t stop grinning(露出笑容) all day.


The young couple spoke in whispers for fear of(避免) waking the baby. 那對年輕夫婦說話輕聲細語,以免吵醒嬰兒。

We pulled up(停放) in front of a shop, bought some drinks and drove on. 我們在一家商店門口停車,買了些飲料,又繼續上路

了。 I can answer all the questions except for(除了) the last-it puzzles me too. 我可以回到所有的問題,除了最后那個,它也把我難倒了。 We couldn’t get by(過日子) on my salary alone, so my wife did some odd jobs.

僅僅依靠我的工資,我們沒有辦法勉強過日子,所以我的妻子做了一些零工。 He left his well-paid office job to try to make a living(維持生活) on a farm. 他辭掉了他薪資豐厚的辦公室工作,努力想依靠農場生活。 I no longer go to see John regularly, but every so often(偶爾) he drops in at my office.


我。 7.Though she has a lot of power in that big company, Sandy tends to remain in the background(在幕后).

雖然桑迪在那個大公司有很大的權利,她還是傾向于躲在幕后工作。 Shut off(關掉) the power after you use the multi-media devices in the conference room. 使用完會議室的多媒體設備后,請關掉電源。

Although he’s been here just a few days, he knows the name of each and every(每個) colleague.


了。 We hope to finish the work today, but as it is(實際上) we probably won’t finish until tomorrow.


Judy is quite obedient while her younger sister always wraps her father around her little finger(隨心所欲支配某人). 朱迪很聽話,而她的妹妹則是任意擺布她父親。 The shower caugtht us completely unawares(令某人出其不意)-all the clothes we hung up outside got wet.


Unit 2

I don’t like my straight hair so I’m going to have it curled. 我不喜歡我的直頭發,所以我要把它卷曲。

This price is her minimum ;she refuses to lower it any further. 這個價格是她的最低限度,她拒絕進一步降低

I often clip recipes out of newspapers and magazines but never use them when I cook.


She yielded to temptation and had another chocolate even though she was going on a diet.


Given the fact that she loves children, I am sure teaching is the right career

for her.


They try to preserve their interesting old customs against the impacts of the modern world


Philip was fascinated to see how the old woman wove cloth with such simple tools. 菲利普看到老婦人用這種簡單的工具布著迷

Among all his relatives,he has an especially deep affection for his aunt who cares for him most.


Teahing is not a one-way activity; teachers and students should interact with each other in class.


After his wife died, he remarried with much haste, which caused a lot of gossip among his acquaintances.


Without your love and support he would have been weighed down with grief after his daughter died of a car crash.


I have never seen a house like that—its untidiness defies description; I think she ought to learn how to keep a house.

我從來沒有見過那樣邋遢其難以形容的房子;我想她應該學會如何保持房子。 there day more and more pregnant women want the presence of their husbands at the birth of their childen.


It is quite possible for a student to master English grammar and acquire a large vocabulary without the help of a teacher.


She watched him manipulate all the handles and gears in his automobile until she thought she could run it herself.

她看著他操縱所有的手柄和齒輪在他的汽車,直到她認為她可以自己運行。 Lack of money and lack of machinery are the two major restraints on the growth of this factory; that’s why it remains the same as it was ten years ago. 缺乏資金和缺乏機械是經濟增長的兩大制約因素,為什么它仍然與十年前相同。

Unit 3

They bound(捆住)his hands and legs with a rope so he couldn’t escape. 他們捆住他的手和腿和一根繩子使他無法逃跑。

He unfolded(打開) the map and tried to find out which way to go 他打開地圖尋找路線

He’s been charged with possessing(持有) guns and attempting to attack the police 他被控持有槍支,并意圖襲警

The product’s success has surpassed(超過) all our expectations-we’ve never though that it could sell so well

這個產品的成功超出我們所有人的意料,我們從來不敢想象它可以賣得這么好 Ten minutes before the appointed(約定) time ,he sat nervously outside her office 離約定時間還有十分鐘,他就緊張地坐在她辦公室外了

We like to make friends with shelly because she has such virture(美德) as loyalty courage and truthfulness

我們都愿意和莎莉交朋友,因為她是一個,充滿美德,勇氣并且值得信任的人珍妮 Janet and Bob had correspond(通

信) with each other for many years before they finally met in Paris 妮和鮑勃通信多年后,最終在巴黎見面了

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