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problems that cannot be ignored. Some leaders unwilling to do masses work, masses concept weak, on masses feelings not deep, pendulum not are with masses of relationship, think masses work is revolutionary war era of things, now obsolete has, buried business work, ignored masses work of situation compared General; some leaders not do masses work, old method regardless of with, new not with, not understand masses psychological, not understand masses wishes, not said masses language, work method simple stiff, caused masses of conflict and antipathy; some leaders can't do masses work, Faced with a lot of contradictions among the people worry about fear, panic set in encounter group events, and some are even mismanaged, inflame, so work has suffered heavy losses, and so on. These problems we are soberly aware, enhancing the party's ruling capability, the maintenance and development of the party's advanced nature and purity, and to enhance the ability of party committees and leading cadres are good people. Attach great importance to and is good at doing mass work, has become the new urgent situation strengthening the party's governing capacity-building tasks. Combined practice of maintaining flesh-and-blood ties with the masses, urged the broad masses of party members and cadres, especially all levels ... Processing to improve as a guide to the country. \d is summed up these new things, be promoted. \d manifestation of the Deng Xiaoping's mass. Deng also put people \not support\eed not to agree\ppy\omise not to promise\starting point and destination of developing guidelines, policies, and as the only standard for measuring compliance with the wishes of the masses of the people. Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping theory, Central Government adopted a series of important measures to strengthen links with the masses. In December 1989, the CPC CentralCommittee made on adhering to and perfecting the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, closely for CPC and the democratic parties and the relationship between the part of the masses that they contact, effectively carrying out the mass line, played a positive role. In March 1990, the 13 plenary session adopted the decision on strengthening contacts with the masses of the Party noted that \nd developed in the long struggle of the party's mass line, is to realize the party's ideological line, the fundamental political and organizational work route\n always maintain flesh-and-blood ties and development of the masses, is directly related to the rise and fall of the rise and fall of the party and State. In September 1994, 14 adopted by the plenary session of the Party on strengthening decision on several major issues of party building. The requirements of the decision of the party's leading bodies and leading cadres should develop a democratic style of work, come from the masses, to the masses, together, stick to the mass line. Party of 13 session four in the plenary yihou, to Jiang comrade for core of party淡季餐飲營銷應該注意哪些方面

每一種產品都有淡旺季之分,餐飲行業也不例外,并且大部分餐飲行業每當到了淡季的時候才想起來營銷,他們的目的是想在短期之內提高營業額,那么餐飲行業淡季營銷需要注意哪些方面呢?下面就由筆者為大家介紹下。 一、明確區別營銷與促銷的含義 大多數人總是把促銷當成營銷來做,但實質上它們的區別很大,促銷只是營銷當中的一小部分,二營銷才是讓產品成功交易的活動總和,它不僅包括產品、價格、促銷、渠道等方面的因素,還包括品牌包裝,市場策劃和設計內容。 促銷僅是在短期之內獲得利潤的工具,它并不能代表營銷,因此明確區別營銷和促銷對我們正確運用方法有很大的意義。用一句話概括說,營銷是長期性的,促銷是根據企業短期利益,進行的刺激性地促進銷售增長的活動。



一般來說,吸引客戶可以分為以下三種情況 (一)留住老客戶,增加他們的消費次數 (二)吸引新客戶擴大銷售機會;

(三)通過營銷手段,展示銷售效果,增加客戶的購買率。 選擇營銷方法的同時要盡量避免誤區,餐飲企業競爭對手打價格站瘋狂促銷的同時,不要過度,否則會造成客戶流失從而減少營業額。


長期營銷對餐飲企業來說非常重要,一些餐飲企業并不能真正體會到淡季營銷的意義,那么問題的關鍵是什么呢?答案就是產品和服務質量水平。如果企業不是那種在生死線上掙扎的話,在淡季進行很好的產品改善和進行很好的產品推廣不失為企業最應該關注的問題。品牌管理更是長期的事情,如果在淡季,企業能很好的抓住機遇,對品牌進行徹底的分析,苦練內功,做任何事情都以品牌價值最大化為出發點,那到了旺季,企業自然會更加輕松不說,而且甚至超過競爭對手,能強有利的強占市場先機。 四、抓住社會熱點創造營銷機會


f third generation Central led collective, banner Deng Xiao-ping's theory great flag, insisted liberation thought, and facts, and times, in both at home and abroad political storm, and economic risk, severe test before, relies on party and people, defended China features Socialist, created socialist market new system, created full open new situation, advance party of construction new of great engineering, founded \sentative\nt thought, Continue to steer the ship of reform and opening up forward on the right. Comrade Jiang Zemin said: \ngthening and improving the party's mass work in the new situation, it is of decisive significance to consolidating the ruling Foundation of the party. \our party and some of the world's major lessons learned from the success of the old party of the party, Comrade Jiang Zemin pointed out:\biggest political advantage of our party is in close contact with the masses, the most dangerous after the ruling party was divorced fromthe masses. \d:\construction, only the understanding, support and participation of the people, people's enthusiasm and creativity into full play in order to advance; the leadership of the party, only the tie and win the masses embraced, can be consolidated and strengthened. \d out that strengthening and improving the party's work style construction, maintaining the party's flesh-and-blood ties with the masses is the core problem, the key is to do solid work, implement, resolutely oppose and overcome formalism. Comrade Jiang Zemin stressed that all the work and policies of the party, are in compliance with the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people to the highest degree, to the majority of people are not satisfied with the fundamental guidelines, strive to make our workers, farmers, intellectuals and other people enjoy ... Sngle, everyone seemed to know. But well known does not mean perfect. Some party members and leadingcadres, consider contacting their small departments, within a small circle of people, or contact individual owners, the entrepreneur, is the masses, this idea is obviously not correct. The Communist Party of China, people should have three characteristics. First, the people should be the most social, is a Department within the scope of the majority. Specific to the party and Government departments, especially the cadres working in the Central and State organs, mass is the 1.3 billion Chinese people, work for the party members and cadres, masses are the land within the jurisdiction of the common people. The second characteristic of the masses, is that we have common interests. Masses are manifestations of each specific people, but the crowd is a comprehensive political concept, refers to people with common political and economic interests in the period of social transformation, social differentiation between the interests of the masses is large, if you do not find the interest in doing mass work, the party members and cadres, will be in a passive position. The third characteristic of the masses

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